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The benefits of sunbathing are multiple and obvious. However, it is difficult to find a product that protects and keeps the desired effect intact. You should know what properties each product has, how they work and what best suits your needs.

¿What sunscreen is suitable for the skin?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right product. Depending on the type of skin, the products can offer different types of sun protection intensity.

In the same way, it is necessary to pay attention to the guarantee of protection against radiation. The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) warns that it is necessary to take protection from both UVA and UVB rays. In addition, there are certain areas of the body that are more exposed, which are more vulnerable.

Protection factor

The solar protection factor (SFP) helps strengthen your natural defenses against the threats of summer sunshine. The number that follows the acronym determines the number of times the protection factor multiplies your defenses. In other words, if you find an SFP15”, the product will multiply the protection by 15.

Recommendations for solar exposure

Here are some of the most important recommendations to ensure that the sun is not an enemy.

  • The application must be made between 30 and 60 minutes before the solar exposure
  • Direct exposure is very harmful, especially during the hottest hours of the day.
  • In winter you should take certain precautions as the sun\'s rays can be harmful, although to a lesser extent, to the skin and scalp.
  • Water can diminish the effectiveness of the protector, or it can demand different characteristics, which should be studied before selecting yours.
  • It is essential to observe the expiry date and to maintain the packaging in the conditions indicated. Otherwise, the properties may be reduced or even lost completely.
  • Children must always be protected by clothing. Their skin is more sensitive than that of adults and requires special care. In these cases, we will use a high percentage of SPF.
  • It is equally important to apply moisturizers after long periods of sun exposure as pores can become clogged and the skin needs to be moisturized.

Sunscreen, spray, gel or oil

  • As explained above, natural protection is not enough. The different brands in the market offer their products to generate a greater effectiveness.

  • The duration of the effect on the skin depends on its own characteristics. Melanin covers the skin cells and protects them thanks to its dark tint. However, the level of production is different in each organism and that is why it is necessary to know what is needed in each case.

    There are different formats that can be adapted to your needs.

    In the same vein, the gel is refreshing and feels more moist, making it ideal for people who sweat frequently and demand a refreshing sensation. On the other hand, the sprays are recommended for families with small children because it is simple to apply, easy and dynamic.

    The oils are sprayed on the skin and are really easy to use and a good option to get a glow. On oily skin it does not work as well, the main problem is a remarkably fast drying.

    Sunscreen is suitable for babies and children

    Babies require special attention and their protection should not be taken lightly. The sun should be avoided as much as possible, in any case.

    The characteristics that allow the skin to defend itself from the sun are developing until adolescence, so it is extremely important to maintain safety measures.

    For babies you can find good mineral sunscreens. The other formats do not work as well with newborns. The SPF should be at least 30 and avoid nanoparticles and alcohol at all costs.

    Special requirements: sunscreen for allergic, sensitive and impure skin

    Sensitive skin must be treated with more care. First of all, it is necessary to identify what type of skin you have and what components may be harmful to you.

    Perfumes are especially harmful for allergy sufferers. Try to get a product that contains a simple formula, which is not saturated with components. For acute dermatitis and sensitive skin, proceed in a similar manner.

    A sunscreen with a high SPF works especially well, especially if they are paraben- and fragrance-free, with physical protection rather than chemical. Similarly, vitamin E is perfect for allergic, dry and sensitive skin.

    Some skins that have acne or some types of impurities also tend to dry out, produce excess sebum and irritate the skin considerably. Therefore, it is advisable to use something soft and light, such as a spray

    Hair care products,sun care products for hair?

    Hair is a substantial part of the body that you need to pay attention to. The sun shines directly on our head and excessive intensity can damage the scalp. Again, dryness plays an important role. Hair loses moisture in direct exposure and reduces its shine and radiance levels.