Women's Perfume

Women's perfumes bring out their most romantic and feminine side, with normally floral and fruity tones characterized by their exquisite combinations of syrup and other sweet tones.

Its aim is to show seductive, conquering, sweet and confident women, as its aroma will help you be perfect on any occasion. If you wish to obtain a fragrance of these characteristics, in VirtualPerfumery we show you all the particularities of women's perfumes.

Perfumes that exude personality

Before leaving home, the complement that should never be missing is a few drops of your best perfume; this way, the good smell will last longer and our presence will be noticed wherever you are. In addition, each perfume shows the personality of the woman who wears it; that is why there is a wide variety of perfumes designed for each type of woman. 

The most daring and outgoing women tend to prefer floral and citrus tones that show they like to be noticed. There is no exact perfume for a type of woman, each one adapts to her personality and tries to enhance it.

Distinction of women's perfumes

With its aroma you can express, without the need to pronounce a single word, how you feel. It may seem incredible, but through perfumes you can know how a person feels; therefore, it is fundamental to know how to choose the right essence for each moment.

  • Floral fragrances: they are usually the most used. These perfumes will make you feel feminine, sweet and confident; moreover, they will give that impression to the people around you.
  • Citrus fragrances: suitable for women who enjoy an active, youthful lifestyle and a personality that instantly appeals to others. Popular notes in these fragrances are lemon or orange.
  • Oriental fragrances: the most eccentric and exotic, perfect for people who want to conquer their better half at night.
  • Chypre fragrances: they are suitable for a person who wants a fragrance that lasts over time. They are ideal for use at night, that is, they are perfect for parties or dates.

How do you choose a perfume and get it right?

Before choosing a perfume you should examine your tastes and personality. Once you are clear, you can choose the perfect fragrance by taking into account the following characteristics.

  • Concentration: fragrances with a higher concentration of ingredients are the most durable and the most expensive. If you don't need a perfume that lasts all day, you can choose a toilet water or eau de parfum, but if you want to have a lasting aroma, a perfume will be the solution.
  • Quality: a high quality perfume will last all day with just one application. An EDP will last at least about six hours, an EDT about three hours and a Splash would be the most ephemeral fragrance. 
  • Do not buy a perfume if you have another stand: its aroma can affect your sense of smell and will not help you distinguish the notes of the new fragrance. 
  • Possible variations: Fragrances can have important changes depending on the season you are in. For the colder months you should use lighter fragrances and in the hot months you should use heavy fragrances to make them last longer. Translated with