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Make-up removers

Make-up removal treatments are as important as make-up to improve the appearance of your skin. So, if you don't remove makeup when you get home, your skin will eventually age much faster than normal, making it possible for premature wrinkles to appear and for your face to become dull and dull.

With these treatments you will be able to remove the makeup completely, being able to enjoy a beautiful face, with or without makeup, thanks to the moisturizing and cleansing effects of the Virtual Perfumery products.

Types of facial cleansers

There is a great variety of facial cleansing products, but do you know which one suits you according to your face type or condition? Don't worry, you will know the details of each type of facial cleanser:

Cleaning oils

This type of cleansing method works very well to remove makeup that has powerful water resistance . Since this type of makeup is, in part, made with oils. In this way, cleansing oils blend with makeup, achieving complete removal of these.

Cleaning solutions

micellar cleansing solutions are those that contain thermal waters in their composition, which gives them a fairly high cleaning potential . These solutions are commonly enriched with nutritious plant extracts with which it is also possible to moisturize the skin. They work on any skin type.


Makeup cleansing milks are suitable for delicate skin as they are quite light in terms of ingredients. In addition to offering good cleansing, they bring unmatched freshness to the face. These products cannot be mixed with water and work well for irritated skin.

Another product should be used to remove traces of cleansing milk & nsp; and prevent irritation.


These cleansers can be flushed out , which is quite eye-catching for women who want something practical and fast . It is a synthetic product that cares for the skin of people with some type of problem in it.


Exfoliants, like the other products mentioned above, are excellent makeup cleansers , but these cannot be used frequently as could irritate the skin of the face easily.

Why is it important to remove makeup?

Removing makeup is vital to take care of your face . Just imagine that daily you put layers of makeup that accumulate in the pores of the skin of your face, even if you bathe daily since many makeups offer good resistance to water. This eventually produces a dull, lifeless face as well as wrinkles.

Also, if you have oily skin and your pores cannot breathe it is very likely that you develop a more complicated picture of acne or allergies .