Make-up powders

Among the main items of make-up, powders occupy a very important place. In form compact or loose, they are the final touch to give a perfect finish to the makeup and the final touch and durability to your look, since it seals the fusion of the base, corrector and illuminator applied.

There are different types of makeup powders:

  • Loose or free powders: very light in texture, similar to talc. Your task is to seal the makeup and put an end to a professional look. Its main key is to be uniform in the amount of product that is applied.
  • Translucent or mattifying: They can be used on any skin type, since they do not alter the color. Its mattifying property allows to eliminate the own shine of the face generated by fat. They can be applied to any type of skin as long as it is done well, although they are preferred by young skin, since on mature skin it can highlight wrinkles.
  • Compact powders: They take up less space in the beauty kit, since they are pressed. They offer more coverage than free powders and their application is more practical, it is recommended to apply with a brush.