Lip Makeup

The lips are a skin muscle that helps the mouth perform various functions such as eating, speaking, breathing and even expressing our emotions and feelings.

They are, together with the eyes, the most striking element of the face and in which a greater and more lucid make-up work is allowed.

Types of lips

When applying lipstick you must first determine the type they are in order to focus on highlighting or concealing them.

thick lips

They are fleshy and suggestive. They are an important focal point that must be highlighted using the correct colors and textures according to the occasion, the time , the place, etc. The use of light tones or highlights is not recommended.

Thin lips

When applying thin lips it will give the impression that they are bigger, and for this you must use the appropriate technique. The use of light colors and glitter helps create voluptuousness.

Asymmetric lips

They are those that present different volumes. There is an almost foolproof technique to achieve the sensation of symmetry and that is to apply a darker shade of lipstick on the thick lip and lighter on the thin lip.

droopy lips

We look at the orientation of their corners . They must be treated with a concealer and an eyeliner before proceeding to apply the chosen color tone.

Types of mouths

When we talk to other people the eyes move between our eyes and our lips while listening to us, therefore their care and makeup is of utmost importance. Having healthy and hydrated lips is the first step to professional looking makeup.

Big mouths

It is presented as the central element of the face and it is important to determine that you want to make and use the appropriate cosmetics . If you want it to be in proportion to the rest of the face , light tones should be used but without shine. If we want the big mouth to be our distinctive feature, it only remains to highlight it.

Small mouths

It is recommended to use gloss or gloss to enhance the color and make it stand out, in addition to using concealer and eyeliner to slightly lengthen the corners or make lips more voluminous.

In all cases you have to use good taste because, unless you want to, no makeup should look like a mask , but rather highlight the traits that please.