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Facial Treatments Set

Having beautiful skin will not only make you look good, but also has the potential to make you look much younger.

The best thing is that it is not difficult to take care of your skin, you just have to keep it well hydrated and free of dirt with the methods and products for facial treatments that we have for you.

What are they?

Facial treatments are the processes with which can make your face free of dead cells , which are responsible for the dryness and lack of shine in the complexion. These treatments can be carried out with creams, lotions and products of natural origin.

Facial treatments can be applied to: forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck.

What are they for?

The skin of women with age loses shine and its natural tone, so small wrinkles may appear. Facial treatments are used to give flexibility to the skin as a result of the hydration to which it is subjected; In addition, they also remove dead cells that cause opacity.

Therefore, facial treatments will take care of the skin most exposed to the body to the sun's rays, such as that of the face.

Facial treatments cleanse so deeply that all pores will be free of any dirt, thus allowing your face to breathe again.

Steps of a facial treatment

A facial treatment consists of different steps or phases, among which are:

  • Cleansing : all facials must start with skin cleansing . This step consists of removing any trace of lipstick, lip gloss or lip cream, and then continuing to remove all makeup from the face. This is done with the help of makeup remover creams.
  • Toning : Toning is carried out with water and alcohol based solutions , which have the potential to greatly refresh the face, cleaning it and definitely removing any traces of makeup or dirt from the environment. This step also removes the remains of makeup remover.
  • Nutrition : Nutrition is an extremely important step. Creams fill the face with essential components that will restore lost nutrients over time, toning and restoring shine.
  • Humidification : the humidification consists of the application of lotions or creams that will hydrate your face since they will make the necessary moisture to keep it shiny not leak.

With the facials that we have at PerfumeríaVirtual, you will take care of the best cover letter you have: your face.