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Eye Treatments

The eyes are the window of your life and deserve to be cared for as much as the lips or the rest of the skin on your face. The eye treatments from Perfumería Virtual guarantee the care you deserve.

Each eye area requires a specific product for your face to have the potential to shine through your eyes.

Recommendations for eye care

You must take care of your eyes at all times, not just in a season of strong UV rays. To take care of them you can follow the following tips:

Wear glasses in case you have a visual impairment

Unintentionally, you could be straining your eyes to see better and thereby causing wrinkles typical of grimacing to appear.

Diet is very important

The skin of the eyelids can quickly reflect your bad eating habits, so you have to lead on a healthy diet that will not only improve the appearance of them, but also that of all the skin of your face. Carrot has a lot of potential for this.


Rest is very important. When you don't get enough rest, it shows in the eyes first thanks to the unsightly dark circles, bags and wrinkles for not resting properly for a long time.

Remove makeup from the eyelids and eye contour

To avoid wrinkles due to dryness, you must remove your eye area . This skin is quite prone to wrinkles if it is not properly removed.

At PerfumeríaVirtual we have products that contain retinol or elastin , which in addition to cleaning your face also keep it firm.

When to use an eye contour?

The popular belief that eye care should be from a certain age at which wrinkles begin to appear is incorrect. Some eyes show signs of carelessness from ages when no symptoms of fatigue or wrinkles are expected.

In our store we have treatments that are applied around the eyes that work to hydrate and soften the area around the eyes, thus eliminating dark circles and symptoms of tiredness from this area. It is recommended to start using eye contour products from the age of 20.