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Eye makeup

Eye makeup has become sophisticated and eye-catching because there are an impressive amount of products available that can beautify them with minimal effort.

Therefore, in order to apply the appropriate makeup we must first identify the type of eye we have, according to its shape and size, and then use the colors and products that best suit them.

How to make them up according to their shape

As there is nothing written about tastes, the makeup proposals are endless . However, you should always consider what kind of eyes each person has.

Sunken eyes

Light shade: on the brow bone and mobile eyelid and along the lower lashes .

Intermediate: in the fold.

Dark: to outline the upper and lower lashes.

Mask: on all.


Light shade: on the brow bone and the mobile eyelid also on the tear.

Intermediate: from the middle of the crease of the eyelid and towards the eyebrow.

Dark: on the outside of the eye towards the eyebrow.

Eyeliner: from the center of the eye and up to a little beyond its termination . Up and down.

Mask: on all.


Light shade: on the brow bone.

Intermediate: from the tear to the outside of the fold.

Dark: from the edge of the upper lashes to the crease.

Eyeliner: both eyelids but finely.

Mask: up and down.

Ripped or Asian

Light tone: on the brow bone and up to the tear.

Intermediate: blend it all over the upper eyelid.

Dark: from the end of the upper eyelid to the middle.

Eyeliner: l liquid, a fine line on the upper lashes.

Mask: upper tabs.


Light shade: on the brow bone, flush with the upper lashes and at the inner end of the lower lashes.

Intermediate: in the entire eye socket.

Dark: on the upper and lower lash line.

Eyeliner: on the upper eyelid from the center to just beyond the end bringing the line up a little.

Mask: on all.

Round or bulging

Light tone: on the eyebrow and tear bone.

Intermediate: on the eyelid and upper lash line.

Dark: at the outer corner of the eye, where a lateral V is made between the eyelashes.

Eyeliner: liquid, a fine line.

Mask: from the center to the end of the upper ones.


Light shade: all over the upper eyelid including the brow bone .

Intermediate: blend it into the crease.

Dark: from 2/3 of the upper eyelid to the crease.

Eyeliner: on a line that goes a little bit above and beyond the end.

Mask: only on the ends of the eyelids.