Eau de Parfum

The Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration in essential oils, 16 to 18. The Perfume or the intense, exceed 20. This means a greater durability in time, up to 12 hours and more depth in the smell. This is why it usually has a slightly higher cost and is marketed in smaller packages.

The decision to buy is very personal and depends on several factors and many circumstances: there are people who prefer to give off an intense aroma, which leave a wake as it passes and last all day. No doubt its fragrance must be Eau de Parfum.

The EDP, or Eau de Parfum is also indicated for people from middle age. The Eau de Parfum can be combined with the same fragrance as the Eau de Toilette, at different times of the day. The EDP for the evening or indoors and the EDT for the mornings. The intensity of the EDP fragrance is due to its higher degree of essence. This factor makes it last longer.

Both Eau de Parfum and Toilette are produced by maceration in oil, alcohol or water of different floral, herbal and even fine wood or amber products, etc. The nose (professional perfumer) knows how to combine the different materials to achieve the desired aroma.

It is important to have very clear ideas before choosing the fragrance. The aroma is part of the personality of each person and together with the sight is the first non-verbal message that is transmitted. There are people who choose the citrus aroma, others the wood or patchouli… Likewise, each fragrance varies slightly on the different skins (PH) of each person.