Blinkers and concealers

The anti-dark circles were created basically to counteract the dark spots on the lower part of the eyes, which appear either because of not having had a good rest, stress or simply because of genetics. It is important to know that this is the main objective of anti-dark circles or anti-cerns since there is a tendency to confuse it or use it as a corrector on the face, which is not appropriate since it will not have the same effectiveness mainly because its concentration is normally not powerful enough to cover spots.

There are different types and textures; brushes, bars, creams and pencils. It is recommended to moisturize the face with a suitable cream before the application, in order to obtain a better coverage and fixation. The shade should be one or two tones below our skin color.

On the other hand, there are concealers whose function is to correct, cover and avoid noticeable imperfections, such as spots, pimples or redness on our faces. There is also a variety of tones and textures.