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"Yes it is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit. giorgio armani This new fragrance embodies the Armani woman: elegant, strong, with attitude, but also reveals her intimacy, emotion and sensitivity"

Sì  30 ml
30 ml
£1.33 / ml

Sì  50 ml
50 ml
£1.05 / ml

Sì  100 ml
100 ml
£0.69 / ml

Sì  150 ml
150 ml
£0.47 / ml

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Description of the product

"This duality is represented by two colors: black, which symbolizes our public life, success and power, and pink, which represents the heart, our most intimate side. The secret of this woman's power is her audacity and courage, her daring to say yes. She is the author of her own life, and she makes her decisions, always with her heart. She says yes to daring, yes to love, yes to life. She says yes. Like the name of giorgio armani's new women's fragrance."

Illustrative video:

Product specific characteristics:
  • Brands
    Brands: Armani
  • Model
  • Family
    Family: "Modern Cyprus."
  • Exit
    Exit: "Blackcurrant, vanilla."
  • Heart
    Heart: "Freesia."
  • Background
    Background: "Orcanox."